Social Work at Care Guidance

In 2017, Care Guidance merged with Linkcare Australia, Melbourne’s leading health Social Work agency. Linkcare has been delivering Social Work across public and private hospitals for over 20 years.

Social Work is a core part of Care Guidance’s DNA. As well as being a central service offering, Social Work principles are embedded in our aged care placement work in the community.


We deliver Social Work and discharge planning services to over a dozen hospitals and sub-acute facilities, both public and private.

Our Social Workers work within multidisciplinary teams to optimise safe and ethical discharges. They have extensive experience in public and private health, and through their targeted interventions and the mobilisation of services and supports, they aim to:

  • Enhance patient wellbeing
  • Improve patient experience
  • Mediate outcomes with patient families
  • Achieve positive discharge outcomes
  • Reduce the incidences of long lengths of stay

Our Social Workers:

  • Provide vital input into discharge planning and coordination, and are skilled at connecting patients to services and supports post-discharge, such as in-home care, the National Disability Insurance Scheme, TAC, and residential aged care.
  • Deliver empathetic and responsive counselling, helping patients to adjust to illness and diagnoses of health conditions, as well as helping patients and families plan and prepare for palliation.
  • Provide crisis intervention and advocacy, including supporting hospitals and patients through VCAT processes.


Our Social Workers also work in aged care homes operated by our partner providers. The overarching objective of Social Work in the aged care residence setting is to maximize resident wellbeing.

Social Workers in residential aged care work to:

  • Assist in the delivery of person-centred care by helping facility staff to discover and understand the individual preferences of each resident
  • Deliver counselling for residents and families to facilitate a smooth transition to residential care for incoming residents
  • Provide a pathway for family engagement and feedback
  • Provide an early warning system for residents at risk of isolation and loneliness
  • Provide practical recommendations and strategies to facility managers to help improve resident wellbeing
  • Reinforce existing models of care for residents and family at times of significant stress, change, guilt and grief
  • Deliver debriefing and bereavement support to residence staff

For more information on our Social Work service in hospitals or aged care, contact our Social Work Manager, Angela Williams below.