What our clients say

Faced with the dilemma of living interstate with no possibility of travelling to Melbourne due to the Covid-19 lockdown and border closures, I recently found myself in the unenviable position of having to choose and Aged Care facility for my elderly Mum, after she suffered a serious fall at home. The process seemed extremely daunting especially whilst under stress and concern for my Mum’s wellbeing.

I was fortunate to have a guardian angel in my Care Guidance South East Manager Irina, to guide me along the way. Her kindness and understanding shone through at a very difficult time. With her caring manner and support sourcing numerous facilities for me to take into consideration. The task was made even harder due to the fact I was unable to visit any of the homes on offer and I took a huge leap of faith entrusting Irina’s expertise, which was definitely worth it. I was then able to make a decision with confidence, one that would not only suit my Mum but also proved her with excellent care as a top priority.

Special thanks must also go to Director – Operations Ian and Social Worker Jas, you were great help and for your support dealing with the myriad of forms and documents required by the various government agencies and enabling me to navigate through an unfamiliar process.

I will be forever grateful to the Care Guidance Team and appreciate all their time and effort and would highly recommend their services.

  • Denise, Attadale

We are a Malaysian-Chinese family who has never had any relative who has had a family member enter an aged care facility. A bit of family background just to give perspective on how difficult the journey has been.

Dad’s health and mobility had deteriorated to the point where he was having falls on a regular basis. He was admitted to the hospital following a fall which ended up needing two surgeries. In those seven weeks, the family was in complete disarray as we realised we could no longer look after him at home but we were paralysed and overwhelmed with the process of getting the help he needed.

Dad was moved between two hospitals and I tried to speak to the geriatrician and nurses however I was not getting any traction. In the second hospital, I finally received one phone call that would give me the answers and the clarity we were searching for. The phone call from Care Guidance was not only insightful, it provided me with step-by-step instructions on what to consider, commencing from shopping around for facilities, the exact Centrelink form that was applicable, sorting out powers-of-attorney and within ONE WEEK, dad was admitted into a home, one kilometre from our house.

The call from Care Guidance was an absolute god-send. The person on the other end of the phone not only knew exactly what they were talking about, the understood where we were at and what we had to do. They were sensitive to our specific situation and listened to what I had to say, providing options and recommendations that I was not even aware was available. As an example, they had intimate details of many of the facilities in the area. No amount of tours would have given me the insight they had. I was literally breathless after this conversation just from the sheer relief of finally getting all of the answers to all of the questions I didn’t even know I had.

Once we decided on the home, things happened unbelievably swiftly. Care Guidance organized tours with the facilities and sent a person to do the tour with us! Till this day I do not know how things were organised so quickly behind the scenes. We will be forever grateful for the help Care Guidance provided us during an incredibly stressful and confusing time. Needless to say, I would have no hesitation recommending Care Guidance to anybody who is navigating the care of elderly citizens.

  • Candy, Glen Waverley

When the time came to find an aged care home for my parents I had no idea where to start and the process seemed very complicated. Care Guidance was amazing – from researching suitable homes, visiting them and giving me a short list to visit and negotiating the tricky Centrelink process. All of this was so helpful to us and made the whole thing so much easier. Our parents are now in a home which is very suitable for them and they are very happy there.

  • Sandy, Wantirna

The service I received from Care Guidance was outstanding. They made an extremely difficult time in my Dad’s life go so smoothly, I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

  • Geoff, Coburg

When mum went into hospital after her fall and was assessed for high care, we had no idea how to deal with the change over with mum’s living conditions. Then along came Care Guidance. They set up appointments with several nursing homes, and we went to choose one of them. They helped us filling in the Centrelink forms and they also made us aware that mum could get into these homes even though she was very low means financially. I would highly recommend Care Guidance during a very difficult time in a family’s life!

  • Katherine, Keysborough

From my first interaction with Care Guidance, I knew we were in good hands. Their compassion and knowledge of the industry made a complex situation straight forward. They went above and beyond to ensure that the move from hospital to home care was seamless. I would have no hesitation in recommending Care Guidance.

  • Harvey, Caulfield

Care Guidance has been fantastic through this whole process. Finding a suitable nursing home for mum seemed overwhelming but with Care Guidance’s knowledge, help and support the transition has been stress free. I would (and have already) highly recommend this service. Thanks Care Guidance, you have been wonderful. 

  • Liz, Burwood

Care Guidance provide a free and complete preparatory service for those faced with placing a loved one into care. They help make the transition as stress free as possible at a very emotional time. Care Guidance should be an essential service in these difficult circumstances.

  • Lance, Wantirna South

Care Guidance has been so helpful with the processes of finding, selecting and settling our Mum into an Aged Care facility.  Without their input and experience, we would have struggled to find the “right” facility in the very short time span we had.  12 months along, Mum is quite settled and happy with her accommodation.  With the friendly and helpful service, we don’t hesitate to recommend this company to anyone looking at finding quality accommodation for their family member.

  • Craig, Sandringham

Finding the right aged care facility for my mother would have been like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Care Guidance profiled Mum’s needs, matched her to a facility and were sympathetic to the difficulty and stress that I was going through.  It was as much about looking after the family as it was my Mum.  Care Guidance were supportive and very informative, explaining things that no one else had ever explained about the care system.  I couldn’t speak more highly of our experience with Care Guidance and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

  • Paul, Hawthorn

Our family had no idea of how to go about searching for the right nursing home for Mum when she was suddenly faced with the reality of needing to go into care.  She had always been very independent and had hoped to remain so for the rest of her life, but her mobility had declined to the point where this was no longer possible.  As a pensioner, with no home to sell, or investments to fall back on, she needed a fully supported bed, but none of us had any real idea of how to go about getting one.  We were so grateful that the hospital asked Care Guidance to call on us.  They guided me through the maze of forms, phone calls and assessment, and their understanding of the system helped us through the huge emotional upheaval. 

After we discussed likely homes, they then arranged visits to several likely ones and also accompanied us at each one so we didn’t have to go through them alone.  They were wonderful, asking the questions that I couldn’t think of, helping me through the feeling of being out of place and unsure of what I was doing.  I felt as through a dear friend was there helping me.  I honestly don’t think I could have done it without them. The knowledge that I could always call on Care Guidance if I had a query smoothed a path for us through a very rocky, emotional and uncertain change in our lives.  With their assistance, we have found a lovely place for Mum – far better than I could ever have hoped, and I will be forever grateful.  I definitely recommend Care Guidance to anyone needing such assistance.

  • Elizabeth, Beaconsfield

We were introduced to Care Guidance recently as we had to move my 93 year old father from Holmesglen Private Hospital into full time care due to a terminal illness.  Whilst it appeared to be a very daunting task, once my Dad was assessed, the hospital provided us with the contacts at Care Guidance to assist us. Our initial ‘ZOOM’ meeting (due to COVID- 19) was very informative and I felt quite comfortable with their very thorough explanation of how the company could assist us. They went through the complexity of fees and how funds were used to pay for the facilities and accommodation for my Dad.

We were then introduced to a Care Guidance Social Worker who assisted us finding suitable accommodation with locations sites she suggested based on areas we chose to look at. She was so caring and understanding and was very happy to do all the negotiating with the Aged Care Homes to obtain the very best deal for us. Nothing was too much trouble and her attention to detail and communication with us made me feel very comfortable we were in great hands. In no time at all we had gone from looking at different places to having Dad in his new residence within one week.

Care Guidance made the whole process a relatively easy one and I can only sing their praises for their fantastic service. I highly recommend Care Guidance. They genuinely care about what they do.

  • Bruce, Bentleigh

We would not have been where we are at the moment in regards to Hughie’s care without Care Guidance’s assistance – you took our hands and guided us.

I would never never have been able to attend to Hughie at home as he has deteriorated so much.

I sit and think how lucky we were as a family to have been put onto Care Guidance and received such great help.  There was no way in the world that we would have been able to navigate this system on our own.

Again we cannot thank you enough.

  • Lea